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If you’re looking for a company who is professional, on time, and fairly priced then look no further than Greenworks Painting, Inc.

Our History

Founded in 1991 by Michael Dugandzic Greenworks Painting, Inc. has beautified a countless number of homes – both interior and exterior. Greenworks Painting, Inc. specializes in Residential and Light Commercial painting projects and utilizes top quality ‘green-friendly’ paints whenever possible. With our 1/2 day work minimum, no job is too small and we are also equipped to do larger residential as well as light commercial projects.


We employ only career-type painters who have a sincere desire to be the best in their trade. Our experience and professionalism is often noticed the very first day our crew walks through your door. We strive to be the best Winnetka Painters who you will use for the rest of your life.


Greenworks Painting, Inc. is priced reasonably when compared to other legitimate (fully licensed, both liability and workers compensation insurance, quality workers) and professional painting companies. Greenworks Painting, Inc. operates with a very low overhead and also passes significant vendor discounts fully to our customers…which allows us to be priced very competetively.

Hands On

The growing trend amongst painting contractors is to ‘sub-contract’ painting work to a separate painting company not affiliated with their own company. Most, if not all, liability is then passed on to this ‘sub-contractor’ without the customer even knowing this is the case. At Greenworks Painting, Inc. we employ all of our workers, which are on company payroll. You will deal direct with the owner, Michael Dugandzic, form start to completion of your project. Michael manages each and every project and no project is complete until it passes Michael’s expert final inspection standards.

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